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Web designing means a lot of things, good SEO writing, good background, ease of moving around in the website, technical sophistication, but in the race to be the first to use technology and sophisticated words we seem to forget that the main purpose of a website is to convey information, as simply as possible.

How you convey information, do you say too much, too little, or do you give just enough to keep appetite active for further information?

Effective Web Design and Development


A famous person connected with advertisement laid down some rules, he was talking of the advertisement in general, but the information is also relevant to the web designing and web designing company in India. He said three rules are important in communication:

1) Quality: Make sure the information conveyed is relevant.

2) Quantity: Convey just enough information, too much would overwhelm the reader and too little will to leave the prospective customer unsatisfied.

3) Relevance: The information needs to be relevant to the content, this means that you should stick to the topic, not keep on adding more and more data that is not relevant.

4) Manner: By manner, he meant the information needs to be conveyed logically and clearly. If you have to say something, say it clearly and not go round and round creating a puzzle that is likely to turn off the potential customer, just say what you want to say clearly and logically.

Apart from the rules on communication, there are some other points that need to be considered while making an effective website design and website redesigning services. Use new technology to:

• Give overall attractive appearance to the design
• Give personality to the site and to attract attention use graphic, photo, animation whatever you think is appropriate.
• Make navigation easy.
• Use graphics and content to highlight the message the client is trying to convey to the general public.

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