How much a Diet & Nutrition planning App Costs?

It is necessary to get conscious of eating habits that were always in trend even if you are a gym freak or not. However, the coronavirus emphasis upon immunity boosts eating habits that have pushed the requirement of tracking what you consume upon the forefront. With the healthcare consumerism that reaches its climatic state, people take it upon themselves to keep a track of their nutritional consumption, the number of calories they intake, the type of food they eat along with the frequency, etc. Help them within the journey to become healthier with diet and nutrition tracking applications. There occurs a huge demand for diet and nutrition app that has nowadays become one of the key players within the US fitness app market and popular demand of the healthcare app development domain.

This article specifically focuses upon the entrepreneurs who look over to enter the growing sector and seek a valuation of the cost of developing an app in the diet and nutrition category. We would be looking forward to different facets that impact upon overall diet and nutrition app development cost. Entrepreneurs focus upon these apps so as to make you is living a healthy lifestyle. InstaaCoders Technologies aim to assist you with the best quality Diet & Nutrition App at an affordable cost.

Top Players within Diet and Nutrition App Market

When we talk regarding nutrition apps then there occur some fixed categories that we think about- Calorie Counter, Meal Planning, and Diet and Nutrition app, Marketplace, etc. Even within the diet and nutrition category, there may occur several subsets of solutions. So, you would get to know the entrepreneurs who look forward to developing health and fitness mobile applications.

Make sure you set the basics perfectly: finalize the target Audience of your Diet Planning Application!!

The first stage of any mobile application development guide occurs to fix the users of the app. The same rule applies within the case of diet and fitness training app development too. This article focuses on one target audience wherein users wish to have the best diet planning app.


These applications surround recording diet habits and suggesting nutrition intakes ultimately a good app does everything for you. An ideal app within this category consists of the ways to track meals and help users to remain updated regarding weight loss or gain. People look for a healthier lifestyle while installing up these applications and making up the effective use of such apps.

Fitness Centers

There occur multiple fitness centers that offer their clients applications that are helpful to them for tracking up their food intake and calculate their nutrition and diet chart. To create a diet and nutrition app assures fitness centers to establish a competitive benefit.


With people who acquire much of the awareness regarding the health benefits that surround nutrient-rich food, they turn towards professional nutritionists to helps them create the most amazing diet chart.  They add to live communication features so as to remain connected with their parents within the real-time.

Make sure that you establish the target audience and this is the first step of acquiring your app off the ground, the next turns to finalize the feature sets that would go into developing up a diet and nutrition app. The stage turns out to be the biggest contributor to the diet and nutrition app development cost.

How much a Diet & Nutrition planning App Costs? 5

Best companies keep in mind Features to add while making up a Diet and Nutrition Tracking App!

Even if you develop a full-fledged application or simply deploy an MVP so as to test the market first, we work upon both the user and admin side of the application. So, here are the feature sets for both of the versions:

Registration: Like other applications, social media integration within the login stage is helpful with diet planning apps too. However, beyond this, there must be a questionnaire to help people create a user profile. Some of the questions that we assist guidance to our clients to add on are:

  • User’s Age
  • Height
  • Current and desired weight
  • Allergies
  • Food taste
  • Goals etc.


Food as well as Activity Logging: The primary goal of a nutrition app turns to keep account of what you consume during a day and activities you do so as to remain healthy. So, basically, this is the nest must have featured within the app to help the users to enter their food consumption as well as activity details.

Calorie Tracking: While it turns out to be a good idea to acquire a QR code integrated within the application so as to help the users to scan and know the calorie details of an item, it may get expensive. So we specifically recommend at a stage for the users to put in calorie details manually.

Processive Graph: There must be a progressive graph within the application that represents the users how far they have come since they started their diet plan journey and if they are over the track with what they set out so as to achieve.

Push Notifications: You must give the push notification features within the application so as to keep the users notified of when their progressive successful graph turns to be ready or simply use it as a marketing mechanism so as to keep them hooked up with the application and become return users.

Social Media Integration: There must be a social media integration feature within the app that enables the users to share their progress with their network and connections. This may too act as an effective app promotion tool. Besides these features, there occur some of the features too that provide the app to increase the level upto a competitive space.

  • Wearable Integration
  • AI-backed Diet Suggestions
  • QR Code Scan
  • Live chat with nutritionists


How much a Diet & Nutrition planning App Costs? 6

The Admin side of Features includes:

CRM Integration: It is helpful for the administrators to keep a track of the user’s experience within the application and the problems they must be facing up. It also permits them to solve user’s queries within the real-time from the inside of the application.

Real-time analytics: This feature is helpful for admin check pie graphs, live dashboards, reports, etc. The information may be used to make strategic business decisions.

Dashboards: Making use of these features would be able to view the dashboards of different users while having up a dashboard of their own that consists of a cumulative view of how the app performs and maintains its details.

Technology tools that come with handy when developing up a Diet Planning App

Besides the feature that we cover up, another factor that occurs in a pivotal one when a healthcare application development company ensures to estimate the cost of developing an app is a bit different technology tools. So, when you look into a diet and nutrition planning app, the technology aims to set you specifically that consists of:

Collecting data over the user’s activity: Google fit APIs and Healthkit in iOS that is used when you plan to gather the user’s fitness and health information.

Incorporation of the nutritional data within the app: There occurs multiple APIs like InRFood, USDA food composition Databases, etc that helps the users to know the nutrition details easily.

Wearable Integration: There occurs APIs and SDKs like Nike+, Fitbit, Misfit, etc that may be used for the integration of wearable devices within your application.

How much it costs for the development of Diet and Nutrition Mobile App?

The cost of developing up an app within the diet and nutrition category may be an amalgamation of all the feature set and technology stack details that you read above ultimately. Additionally, healthcare would affect it while you partner it up with. Additionally, the organization with which you aim to get the diet app plays the most important role. So, if you wish to grab the golden opportunity of getting the best quality services then make sure that you get in touch with InstaaCoders Technologies. Ultimately, the whole cost of the diet app gets calculated upon the features set, design system, technology stack, and upon the agency that develops it. If you wish to know the numeric answer to this question then connect with our business development team.

Golden Opportunities to consider while getting your diet and Nutrition app created!!

There occur multiple ways and means to earn money through your Diet and Nutrition App. The ones that play a huge role may be seen to be actively taking part. They are:

  • In-app Advertising
  • Paid App model
  • In-app Purchase
  • Paid Subscriptions


So, what are you waiting for when you would be getting all the services here and you are covered with such multiple benefits that would add on profitability in your business. Come, shake hands with us so as to feel the difference and run your business amazingly well.