What is the impact of Digital Marketing over the Hotel Industry?

During this modern dynamic 21st scenario, the hotel industry turns out to be one of the most booming industries in the hospitality sector. With an introduction of Digital Marketing tools, this industry is one such that has aimed to achieve double the ROI than what it used to achieve earlier. Hotels have already initiated their online bookings to boost their business in the right manner. With the options to select to book the hotels in advance the customers book their rooms over their desired dates. So, if you wish to expand your business while being in the hotel industry then digital marketing strategy can be the right fit for taking your business towards great heights.

Does Digital marketing helps to expand your business?

Digital Marketing aims to revolutionize multiple industries and the hotel industry is not at all an exception to it. The online budgets turned up to become more directed towards business growth. Traveling has nowadays become affordable for an average person. Millions of people aim to travel to their favourite destinations throughout the year. There occurs an intensely competitive marketplace that gives digital marketing within a new shape towards the hotel industry. Basically, providing travellers multiple options to make their journey enjoyable with the stay of the hotel of their choice. Today there occurs multiple platforms where you may enjoy promoting your hotel. You must not afford to miss these platforms if you wish to transform your business amazingly well.

What is the impact of Digital Marketing over the Hotel Industry? 5


Multiple platforms, you can promote your hotels so as to achieve your desired ROI!

Google Ads

When it occurs to digital marketing for hotels then there is no other platform other than Google ads that is helpful to make the promotion of your brand in the most effective way through multiple campaigns. Google has launched its new feature with a modern technology that is a hotel ad in 2018. These Ads specifically represent the hotel name, price, and ratings of the hotel just below search ads. These ads provide very brief insights into the hotels. People also leverage the power of dynamic remarketing ads to target specifically the same hotels to people who had visited their website or the web pages. There exist other advertising tools like Google search advertising wherein you target your customers over the basis of potential keywords across that particular location. You may also use the display advertising to target over the basis of interests and behaviors. So, re-marketing is one of the most powerful tools that advertisers use to expand hotel bookings.

Website SEO

More than a trillion travelers use the search engines to search for the potential hotels of their choice. These figures develop constantly year by year. With the effective use of on-page search engine optimization techniques, it provides you to acquire a higher rank for your business while using certain keywords. This unpaid strategy holds a long-lasting impact over the website rankings. So, here occurs some of the best SEO strategy for hotel businesses:

  • Make sure to optimize your website with attractive visuals and media so as to improve the bounce-back rates.
  • Ensure that the images turn out to optimize with alt tags. When you upload the images with alt tags, it is effectively helpful for the search engines to read the images properly.
  • Make sure to add links to other pages over your websites.
  • Ensure to add social bookmarks to your pages.
  • Turn your website more responsive and mobile-friendly too.
  • Aim to include your keywords in page titles, Meta descriptions, and in web page content so as to get rank over SERP.


While keeping a mobile-friendly page is one of the most important elements that is SEO just because more than 50% of the travellers search for accommodations over smart-phones. So if your page is not mobile-friendly then you may lose your bookings through local people who are nearby. While looking over faraway locations, basically marketing for hotels is concerned SEO that must always be considered as a top priority while getting your bookings organically.

Website Experience enhances your business!

Basically, good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important for a hotel industry business however a good website experience matters a lot so as to get good accommodation bookings. Make sure that you add a bunch of attractive gallery of images of your resort or hotel with a suitable call to action with potential customers. This indeed makes the booking procedure smoother and easier. The website needs to have good navigation bars for flexible website experience.

Social Media and its power

Social Media turns out to be one of the best tools for the hotel industry and a lot of branded hotels leverage social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Instagram so as to engage their target audience. If your hotel consists of good service and ambiance then people would automatically post images or would surely check over at your hotel over social media. So, in this way you will increase the popularity of your hotel over social media automatically with that you may easily engage with people over social media. These are the best steps to engage popularity and bring a lot of business into your hotel visibility over social media.

  • Make sure to provide a good content strategy for posts regularly.
  • Make effective use of videos, gifs regarding your hotel services and share customer experiences for your hotel so as to generate interest within people.
  • Make the promotion of your hotel events at all social media platforms that involve stories in Facebook & Instagram. So, use Facebook events for promotional purposes.
  • Make the optimum utilization of Facebook paid ads so as to reach correct people upon the basis of their interests & behavior while using attractive images with promotional offers and effective calls to actions like to take a tour, book now, send a message and then find a reservation for booking of hotels so as to increase your customer base.
  • Through Facebook ads you may promote your hotels in multiple ways. Facebook advertising is one of the affordable forms of advertising that gives you valuable leads to a very lower cost.


What is the impact of Digital Marketing over the Hotel Industry? 6

Content Marketing

Since it is said that “Content is the king” so the same follows with the hotel industry too. It states to use the blog, infographics, and various videos. Content marketing turns out to be the foundation strategy for hotel business since it is the most affordable means of promoting the hotel with a high impact. If your hotel holds a great experience than the people would surely recommend you’re over Facebook and Google reviews that would surely turn your business’s scalability whole upgrading the hotel’s presence? Another way to attract people through the content is to share the excellent experiences of people in the form of blogs and visuals. So, this will play a key role that drives more & more influencers for the hotel industry in a perfect manner.

App Marketing

If you have multiple hotels and you desire to promote your hotels through building an app and promote it through various paid channels like Google ads and Facebook ads. You may also tie-up with other apps so as to increase your business or use other app promotion events so as to increase the hotel’s presence effectively. If you are seeking out for making your hotel industry runs perfectly well with one of the best App Marketing strategies then shake hands with InstaaCoders Technologies. With the help of a good organization, you can systematically turn your business scalability in a perfect manner.


The modern dynamic 21st scenario includes a drastic change due to the introduction of new digital marketing channels. Hotels use this like a great opportunity to leverage their business’s ROI. With the expanding travelers and the digitalized use of mobile devices to the search of hotels nearby provides a huge transformation to your business. Make an update with marketing automation is one of the key for the local hotels to enhance their digital presence. So we conclude while saying that the power of Digital Marketing turns to enhance each and every industry towards the right direction of success attainment and profitability. So, think wisely to connect with the best digital marketing service provider so as to expand your business amazingly well.