What is Blockchain like a service and its business advantages?

The real-world applications of blockchain turn to expand through every minute. However, the resources and skillsets required for developing blockchain applications and hosting them are neither cost-effective nor popularly available in the market. Is blockchain like a service for business wherein the answer of how to make blockchain technology accessible to an audience. So, here in this content, we would be discussing the major questions like:

  • What is Blockchain as a service?
  • How does Blockchain like a Business Model works?
  • How Blockchain helps to shape Businesses?
  • How Blockchain is acceptable on the basis of the region?
  • A look over the Self-Hosting Blockchain Applications

What is Blockchain like a service?

To offer the benefits of Blockchain like a service to a wider audience, the technology begins to get offered in the cloud-like service business model. Over the operational front, it is more or less to different models like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS models that enable us to use cloud-based apps and storage. It permits businesses of all types and sizes to access blockchain-based technologies without investing in in-house development. The BaaS model enables the organizations to access the blockchain provider’s service wherein they create blockchain provider’s services wherein they may build blockchain applications at a minimal cost.

This advantage occurs out to what made it a key part of the blockchain technology trends. The only limitation of the BaaS solution for the business is that it asks for a certain level of centralization since the transactions have to get processed.

Key Takeaways

  • Blockchain like service is a third party cloud infrastructure as well as management that businesses use for developing and managing blockchain applications.
  • It ensures to operate like a web host that runs an app’s backend.
  • BaaS acts like a catalyst that leads to the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

How does Blockchain business like a Business Model works?

Blockchain like a Business Model describes the procedure through which the third parties install, host, and even maintain a blockchain network over the behalf of organizations. The service providers offer to set up the blockchain infrastructure and technology within return for fees. In multiple ways, the role of blockchain likes a service for business turns to be similar to that of a web hosting provider. It enables the customers to make use of the cloud-based solutions to develop as well as host the blockchain applications and smart contracts in the ecosystem that the provider aims to manage.

The BaaS integration within the traditional business provides support across the hosting requirements.  The BaaS integration within the traditional business assists around the allocation of resources, bandwidth management, data security features, and hosting requirements. The major huge impact of BaaS over business is that the enterprises must

Concentrate over their main business without thinking about the complexities across the blockchain operation.


What is Blockchain like a service and its business advantages? 3

How did Blockchain help to shape businesses?

Businesses as well as consumers turn to be willing to adopt blockchain technology. However, the operational overhead cost related to development, configuration, operation, and maintenance of infrastructure along with the technical issues may occur out as a barrier. The benefits of blockchain for SMEs, no matter how massive, turn to be resource-intensive and energy-consuming while preventing the technology’s mass adoption. Renting up a Blockchain like a service infrastructure in BaaS permits businesses to acquire the skill set required for operating the blockchain infrastructure. The investment required for entering the technology segment gets lowered since the service agreement may easily get scaled up or even terminated within short notice. It ensures to offer a way for businesses to stay at the edge of technology without any of the necessary risks.

BaaS for startups

The opportunities of BaaS for businesses, specifically small businesses, turn to be deemed ideal for the organizations that outsource the technological aspects and are not very hands-down involved with the blockchain’s working mechanism. It enables these firms to grab the understanding of the technology without having to develop their proprietary blockchain.

The integration of BaaS solutions gets used through a number of industries for things like identity management, supply chain management, and payments. Blockchain development services emerge out to be the best solution for a number of SME challenges like the elimination of middlemen, lack of transparency, etc.

Use Cases of Blockchain like service for business

Document Tracking- Blockchain technology aims to offer a distributed as well as an immutable document tracking system. While keeping the documents over the blockchain, all of the participants are given access to the information in the right manner. In addition to this, Blockchain technology turns out to be immutable, however, ensures that the documents are secured in the right manner.

Data Storage- With the data stored in the decentralized blockchain, the amount of data loss risk gets reduced through a manifold. The regulated industries like healthcare, real estate, etc benefit much through this immutable, secure facility of data storage over a blockchain.

Contract Execution- Under the smart contracts service of blockchain, a platform turns to be provided for the contract execution that promises high transparency levels. Its distributed nature implies that all the parties must be equally informed.

The advantages of Blockchain like a service occurs in the unraveling of several use cases that are yet to get emerged. It aims to offer enterprises an opportunity to work upon those use cases without making any large term commitments. All they would do is to partner with a blockchain service company. Also, they may embrace Blockchain’s capabilities.

How Blockchain is acceptable on the basis of the region?

The impact of BaaS over the business leads towards a huge demand for the service-a sign of which may be seen in the fact that how the BaaS market growth gets poised to be USD. The global market of BaaS is big around the US, Mexico, and Canada. One primary reason occurs to be the presence of SMEs and huge businesses operate with a willingness to combine the technology with the public utility services. One of the major drivers of blockchain and BaaS adoption occurs to be adopted through government support from different countries. There are multiple places that adopt it quickly so as to turn their business scalability amazingly well.

A look over the Self-Hosting Blockchain Applications- Self Hosted Blockchain

Since this point of time, we look over in the BaaS ecosystem and how Blockchain like a service aims to influence the small business, in addition to the list of top providers. So, while it all aims to suggest that it is a good option to go with this approach businesses may lose out over the essence of decentralization since the foundation of blockchain fundamentals. So, what can be the alternative ultimately the answer is self-hosted Blockchain.

When we aim to talk about the self-Hosted Blockchain app cost, the ownership amount tends to be a lot higher just due to the startup costs, retirement costs, and operational costs. Moreover, the amount of building and deploying a smart contract under this model may amount up to a hundred thousand dollars or more.

So, ultimately it is necessary to choose the best Blockchain like a service so as to acquire a huge profit in the market.