How you can easily develop a health Women Health Tracking Application?

The health applications market aims to develop a vivid ecosystem. It is not dynamic however offers great potential. With mobile technology becomes highly popular within the healthcare industry, market prospects for Health solutions turn to be tremendous. The health applications aim to develop into a vivid ecosystem. It is not only dynamic however also offers great potential. With mobile technology transforming immensely popular within the healthcare industry, market prospects for health solutions turn to be tremendous. . For the past few years, there occurs a rise within the health applications. This may be due to the adoption of new technologies, new business models, and new avenues while turning the way how people access healthcare. The innovation within healthcare Women Health Tracking Application mobility leads to accelerating rapidly and it is a bit promising too. It is evident that these solutions aim to bring a positive impact on both patient outcomes and accessibility.

Women Health Tracking Application


Statistics report states that the global health market gets predicted to reach nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars through 2021. Also, this implies that a fivefold rise by 21 billion dollars since 2016.. With 50% of the global population due to the target customers, InstaaCoders Technologies garner more and more attention, and rightly so year by year it turns to run high. It turns to be on its way to become a $50 billion industry through research and analysis through 2025 that helps to enhance the lives of millions of women and improve their access to care.

Benefits of Women Health Tracking Apps

Health and wellness apps are helpful for women to get timely menstruation, pregnancies, and prevent the risk of any uncertainties. Such applications are helpful to women to reduce their risk of unwanted pregnancies, better understand their bodies, and are aware of how to respond to different types of health issues. Moving on further, this Women’s Health Tracking Application may get used not only through the women however by their physicians and doctors. Doctors aim to use the data these apps that provide a better understanding of the health of their patients.

Assists women in control of their health and lives

InstaaCoders Technologies assist women more of the power over their health, joy, and wellbeing with Women Health Tracking Application. Female health tracking apps assist good insights regarding body problems and are helpful for women makes an informed decision when the requirements occur. It desires to foster scientific awareness regarding bodily conditions. So, you got to grab the golden opportunity to better understand female bodies, hormones, etc.

On-Time Diagnosis and treatment of health issues

Additionally, to help women understand their bodies and assist comprehensive medical expertise, the company enables women to identify and treat their health issues on time. For example, if periods get routinely monitored, abnormal cycles detect well-in-time multiple health issues get diagnosed as early as possible.


Women Health Tracking Application

Improvises access to care within the remote areas

It is the requirement of the hour to build healthcare accessible to women. Women healthcare issues turn to be often considered taboo subjects that make it even quite harder for them to seek healthcare advice and medical care, specifically for infertility, menstrual health, birth control, and sexual well-being. It is the requirement of the hour to create healthcare accessible to women. While providing robust healthcare mobility solutions, digital healthcare chains make healthcare mobility solutions, digital healthcare chains make healthcare accessible virtually to women within the comfort of their homes.

Types of Women’s Health Tracking Apps!!

Nowadays, a number of apps for women’s health are available, and they turn to be widely popular due to the convenience that they offer. Such apps are helpful to put your life over the track while monitoring health concerns based upon your age, weight, cycle time, flow, fitness target, lifestyle, etc. Since there occurs proliferation of smartphones, health and fitness apps immediately become mainstream in the average woman’s app list. The main types of women health tracking apps can be as follows mentioned below:

Period and Fertility Tracker App for Women

The most in-demand type of health app is period and fertility tracking that is effectively helpful for women. . Such types of applications work in both aspects and are helpful for both women who wish to get pregnant or women who desire to prevent accidental pregnancies. Besides aiming to monitor menstrual cycles, these apps track basal body temperature and occur with features like logging in with PMS symptoms in the calendar to track behavior.

Pregnancy Tracker Apps

While applications do not really substitute medical care requirements, such apps occur out to be of great help during pregnancy. For moms or moms-to-be, a pregnancy app is effectively helping to keep a track of body transformations while advising moms on what is normal and what is not during a given time. Apart from pregnancy planning advice, it aims to provide suggestions when it comes to a healthy diet plan while being pregnant. Pregnancy tracking apps turn to be effectively helpful to track the growth of your baby and changes within your body during pregnancy. There occurs too much to keep tabs on with these applications- starting from combating morning sickness, arranging doctor’s appointments, remembering taking up your prenatal vitamins, monitoring your fast-growing baby, and lot more.

Birth Control Apps

Birth Control Apps may get customized for your specific birth control methods so as to report your symptom history and contraceptive use. These apps may predict the most fertile days during your cycle so as to help you in natural birth control. It declares the fertility window of women over a period of time so that women know which days to prefer avoiding intercourse. For pill users, it puts up a reminder so as to take the pill or notifies them when the user is fertile or not. Studies suggest that the constant use of birth tracker apps assists in more accurate results.

Features to include in Women Health Tracking Apps!!

Development as well as functionality goes hand in hand so as to make an application more beneficial for the customers. Functionality must be the main concern; however, the app must be rendering up a splendid user journey. If you wonder that how you may create and grow your women health tracking app, mentioned below are some of the key features that you must keep in mind:

Onboarding: To acquire the users onboard you would ensure that the app is convenient for them. You may either use the standard email or password approach to get the users to sign up for the app, or opt for social media integration. Onboarding is helpful for the users to get the idea behind the app immediately, thereby enhances the user experience and help you to retain your user base. You may select between coach screen (that normally appears while starting up an app), instructional overlays, or in boarding (a process wherein users discover an app while actually making use of it).

Detailed Health Profile: To avoid scaring users with a complicated registration process, you may recommend that they skip up signing up and create a simple user profile through filling in basic health details that the application makes use of. Gather only the necessary data that you need through the user like height, weight, ailments, allergies, and period date. Since your users confide their most private information to you, so try not to burden them up with any of the extra questions. Make sure that you concentrate over the details that may actually allow you to enhance the customer experience through the personalizing content.

Period Tracker:  The present-day of the cycle, the fertility period, the approximate date of the next menstruation, upcoming PMS, and so on occur out to be some of the essential features that must get displayed over your progress screens.

Notifications: Acquiring up the right number of reminders ensures the users may remain engaged. Giving up the reminders in a notification form turns to be often good since it represents reliability.  In order to enhance the usability of your application, based upon the review of the activities and information received, you may build in functionality so as to alert the users regarding potential health concerns. One way to do is while using algorithms so as to evaluate symptoms and identify the conditions that may cause them the most.

Symptom Tracking and Analysis: To have a symptom tracker is helpful for the users to find out more regarding their health and risks while monitoring symptoms and patterns regularly and to assist accurate reading. With the best symptom tracker functionality, you may explore more regarding your body, cycle, ovulation, and fertility. While adding flexible support within your app, your users need to be able to automatically add health data to their everyday logs like the sleep time, blood pressure, heart rate, and weight while providing you more data for analysis.

Integration: With the ability to incorporate valuable information, the app may assist reliable data not only for research & further advancement of the application but also for the health and wellbeing of the users.

Also, it is necessary to keep all your data safe as well as secured so here you may feel relaxed since we hold assurity with all your details and necessary information.


InstaaCoders Technologies set up its mark within the industry today and not due to it being another niche or a growing industry but because of the strategies that we follow. Also, we are there for all of our clients for 24*7. It aims to prioritize women’s healthcare requirements with Women Health Tracking Application and to improve their access to care. So if you wish to tap into this market opportunity then we would turn to be a great partner for you. While being a leading healthcare app development services provider, we aim to develop hundreds of health solutions. We have got rich domain expertise and may help you to convert your idea into reality with the best solutions.