Hiring the Best App Developers: Do’s and Don’t

The modern dynamic 21st scenario is the age of mobility and the average customer looks for an app to conduct part or most of his or her business with the organization. So, if you are an entrepreneur, you must be thinking of taking your business to great heights. This gets done through this amazing facility of hiring the best app developers. This represents the importance of apps in everyday life- from the aggregators to utility payments, to booking apps; you need to name it, and literally, everything gets covered with these apps. This understandably leads to a profusion of developers, throwing organizations into confusion- upon hiring the best resource/agency to develop your world-class apps. So, here occurs a list of dos and don’ts that would be effectively helpful so as to eliminate the below developers and choose the most suitable ones.

Best App Developers

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Make sure that you look for a team that holds a strong expertise

You require working with a developer who holds strong domain expertise. In other words. The developer must have exposure to your domain. Without acquiring the in-depth knowledge of your domain and the intrinsic challenges or the mandatory requirements, even the best developer would turn out to be an epic flow show.

Make sure that you look for accomplished expertise in mobile apps

You require a professional team that holds great accomplishments in mobile app development. This must be the core of the activities of the team. This would ensure that you may get your work done through the team that has got numbers and the core competency in mobile app development. Make sure that you never settle for a company that holds experience in other areas, this would count as one of the biggest blunders. You must never get impressed through an impressive portfolio of a company that represents its development process in other areas. It occurs out to be little relevant to you or holds no relevance.

Make sure that you look for a trained team that develop apps for different platforms

One major question that you must ask yourself before you choose an app developer is that for which platforms you wish to develop your app? You need to be clear with all the aspects of your mind regarding this question. No matter if you wish to go out for a single platform like an iOS or you go an app that works out on both the platforms that you must put over your requirements with clarity. So, make sure that you select a company that meets all your requirements and holds a deep knowledge of all the platforms.

Make the selection of a team with the right size that holds an impressive technology stock

The size of the team surely matters. This gives the team better ideas, suggestions, views, and creative inputs. For instance, if you were to select up a team that is too small then you may end up with a narrow set of skills and ideas and exposure. While employing the right size, you would get better experience hands so as to work on your project and help out, additionally to have access up to a broader technology stack. The team requires to collectively offer you a broader technology stack. This will ensure you with better results, across versions and browsers. It is necessary to choose a team that is huge enough that it may not be a good idea. The right-sized team would have a greater focus on the projects.

Pick a team that holds a strong app portfolio

The first aspect that requires to be checked on the app portfolio is if the team relies on the same technology stack for all projects or uses different technologies as per the specific requirements. The first aspect that needs to be checked over the app portfolio is if the team relies on the same technology stack for all projects or uses different technologies as per the specific requirements. This will provide you a better idea of the professionalism and capability of the team. The portfolio tells you that if the team has worked upon projects similar to yours during the past or if all the claims get merely hyperbole. An app portfolio holds considerable projects in your domain that would indicate more expertise and exposure. Basically, when it comes to concepts, you would be getting up a fair idea of how the team implements and executes the ideas in a creative manner.

Hire the team that holds innovation with open-source platforms

With a lot of apps getting developed over open source platforms, there occurs an utter need for innovation in the functions and features. A decluttered, as well as simplified interface, occurs out to be the winner in the race, moving ahead of the apps with a lot of bells and whistles that are of little or of no use in terms of functionality along with convenience. Make sure that you select a developer or team that understands the need for professionalism and meeting the expectations of your domain. The persona of users is surely necessary and if the developing team gets the alignment right then you are halfway near success.

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Select someone who is good at communication skills

Communication plays a very important role in mobile app development. You require choosing a team of developers who hold strong communication with their ideas, suggestions, and the progress of the project. You require keeping a few factors in mind. These updates would provide you the updates regarding the project. These updates would give you a rough idea of how fast the completion of the project would take place basically. Secondly, you have to notice how keen and interested they are to develop your app? You may judge this while seeing what extra efforts they put up or the suggestions that they give you. Quality of input occurs out to be a great indicator.

Five don’ts that would help you to eliminate unsuitable teams/developers

Make sure that you don’t choose a team upon the basis of pricing criteria alone

If the price is the only metric factor, then you can actually try picking up app development skills and doing it on your own self. Isn’t it sound good? Price is one of the most important factors however it is never the sole determining criterion. Make sure that you do your homework in a perfect manner. Check out the proficiency, expertise, experience, track record, app portfolio, and clientele first before you even look at the pricing of the app. Let the pricing factor come up at the last, however never at the front. A cheaply priced development effort may cost you more during the long run. If you do not have an idea of how much would be the prize then make sure you look for a ballpark estimate of the costs for developing an app.

You need not go simply through ROI, Check out all the three different ROIs

Not multiple individuals are aware of the three different ROIs- Simple ROI, Efficiency ROI, and risk aversion ROI. You would actually cut yourself out of a better business process. Ensure that you take care so as to evaluate all the three ROIs when you opt for app development or the right developer. Your product must deliver greater value and efficiency along with effectiveness towards the clients, it must never become a risk for you or the clients at any point in time and it is necessary to be simply economic at cost. These three of the metrics are necessary to consider the impact of multiple data protection regimes that got promulgated across the globe.

Do not shake hands with the organization that provides you with documentation

Never make this mistake of picking up a developer or a team that does not provide you documentation regarding the app. This occurs out to be of great importance when you opt for improvising the app through updates, patches, increasing features along with functionalities. Without the app documentation, you would find it difficult to carry out the exploratory testing or maintenance. It is surely a factor that you would use the services of a different team in the future, or maybe an in-house team. So, make sure that you never hire a mobile app developer who does not offer the information that you permit to tinker with the app at a later stage.

Do not select up an Offshore Developers who lacks resources

Nowadays, to search out the best app developers around the world has become quite an easy task so a big thanks to globalization. So, it doesn’t mean that you choose out anyone through geography. You must aim to think hard for taking any decision. Multiple different geographical regions would have different cost considerations. The quality of developers as well as the highly advanced technology varies with geography. Selecting up the developers through different countries ensures that they hold the necessary required skills and the technology to pull off your project.

Do not select someone that has got no Maintenance Policy

Never select a development firm that doesn’t offer any maintenance services to you. There would be times after the launch of an app when you require your developer’s help to fix up the bugs, releasing updates, and adding up new features. That is why it becomes quite imperative to understand the company’s policy for app maintenance as well as the support too. You require the post-launch support, the way the professionals handle and fix bugs, and the cost of each maintenance with the new app release.

Don’t pick up a developer without certifications and the one who does not have a Non-disclosure Agreement

Do not choose a developer or team who does not have any of the certified resources over the roll. The team requires being aware of the needs of the industry with the requisite experience. In addition to this, the team requires the honor the provisions of non-disclosure. The question here arises that how you can check it out? Well, it is surely elementary. When you are taken through a tour of app portfolios and past clientele, if the team discloses a lot of information, then it is a warning that your app would also face the same consequence in the upcoming future.

Do not pick a developer/team that is unaware regarding the privacy concerns

Make sure that you do not pick a team that is unaware of the global climax for increased data protection and privacy. With the government that enforces regarding handling information, it is important for businesses to ensure that the apps and all processes get secured through design. The information would get collected over the apps that require complying with the multiple provisions. It is however necessary that businesses do not rely upon the services of agencies that are unaware regarding requirements under multiple data protection regimes. This would prevent stiff penalties that may impose in the event of violation in the upcoming future.

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