Transform your business with the best Uber Clone Solutions!

InstaaCoders offers ready-made Uber Clone solutions to entrepreneurs who desire to start their own On-demand cab-hailing business however have limited time & resources to do so. Since we are one of the leading industry within mobile apps & website app solution provider. We aim to offer unique solutions that are easy to setup & customize.

The best uber clone in the market that is ready for the Driver-Less Car’s era!

Uber Clone Solutions

Is this that important?

  • Believe it or not, Autonomous Driverless cars are going to become a reality in 2022!
  • Every car company comes up with driver-less mode in 2022. There are multiple that have already been launched.
  • You would surely add at least 1 driver-less car in your fleet within your near-around future & your software must be compatible.
  • The organizations that hold goodwill are almost integrated with nearly all the providers.
  • Now your users can book a cab through Facebook messenger easily too!
  • Along with this, you get an Artificial Intelligence-powered BOT that does all the work an APP can do.
  • Works across IOS, Android, Tablets, Desktop….get done literally everywhere.
  • Your business can easily get access to 1 billion users inside Facebook!
  • The Uber Clone in the market that also has a full CAR Rental module that gets built-in.

Are you aware of these facts?

“Ride-Hailing” features occur out to be different from “Car Rental Features”.

“Ride-Hailing” includes all the features that any UBER like software has. You require simply put, in a “Raid Hailing” app, the car gets driven through a driver. Similar to how UBER works, the driver drives the car & drops you at the requested location.

However, Car rental is totally different from this.

Like how UBER works, the driver drives the car & drops you at your requested geographical location.

“There occurs an involvement of cars that you can rent for a particular duration & you  can drive it easily by your own self.” Once you grab up this golden opportunity you can drop it back then.

Also, Check-out these amazing features!

The only uber clone in the market has also a full fleet management module that is built-in. This is something that you require very soon in the upcoming future to digitalize the world & walk safely. This can help you to stay safe during the upcoming future (as your fleet grows). Talking about Asset Management, Vehicle inspection to Driver Tracking, Fuel Management, Inventory Management, etc. InstaaCoders includes all the required modules so as to manage your fleet effortlessly.

We shake hands with one of the topmost industry leaders so as to bring in all the essential Fleet Management features inside the app.

Features that Uber Clone Solutions hold are:-

Driver-Less Cars Ready!

Driver-Less cars that get commercially available within this modern scenario. Every brand aims to launch its own driver-fewer vehicles (fiat, BMW, Volkswagen, GM, etc.) As you keep adding one driver-less car after another to your business, you can easily manage your entire fleet through this app.

Extensive Admin Panel

A thoroughly researched admin panel for every category of business effectively helps you to make sure that you can control all the aspects of what your customers & service providers experience out. You must check out your uber clone admin demo.

Real-time Tracking Using Maps

You can track your customers easily & they can book up the cab in real-time while using our smooth real-time map that helps in tracking facility. This certainly keeps you off the unnecessary calls & confusion. No other uber clone script effectively uses tracking as we do.


All it takes up is just a one-time setup & you are on auto mode. The uber clone app helps to ensure you with optimized dispatching of taxis, collects, fares distributes driver fees, & deposits your commission into your PayPal account.

Total Control IOT Device

This Uber Clone script comes out with an OBD Device called Trip Land. This simple piece of hardware sits up in your car & communicates with the app so as to give real-time tracking. What’s more, it gives you more than just location, it even represents your fuel consumption & driving habits. No more worrying regarding driver misuse or passenger safety.

Economical & High Quality

Ensure that you take the advantage of a fully white-labeled, economical & top-notch native Ios/Android Uber clone app. All this at an incredibly economical price, & no long drawn processes of getting custom software made on.

Future Ready

Our professional team is constantly over improvement & you can expect an ever better Uber Clone Solutions as we aim to move on.  The automated car is closer than you think, & our lab makes sure that you have access to this breakthrough technology as & when the legislation & markets get ready for it.

Smart Wallet

Every online solution these days requires a wallet. So we have promptly integrated a smart wallet inside Nikola. Your users may store money inside the wallet & the money gets deducted upon each of the usages. You get up an incredible dashboard so as to manage the entire wallet of your app. You may instantly check all the transactions & also add credit for any user at will.

Turn your Business Scalability with Uber Clone Solutions!

If you desire to turn your business at a great level while expanding it up to a parabolic graph, you are coming up at the right platform. We focus upon making your business reach to a huge level. No matter their occurs a large competitive market but we ensure you with our flexible services. So, what to worry about when we are here to help you with one of the best Uber Clone Solutions. We are working upon getting the best solutions so as to enlarge your business fantastically well. With the expansion in helping out multiple businesses, we aim to acknowledge you while guiding with the best services for the uber clone.