Why Do You Need To Go For Android First Development?

There occurs two mobile operating systems that really matter in this scenario: Android and iOS. There was a time when earlier iOS use to enjoy a huge library of apps over its arch-rival. During that time, multiple developers made the decision of choosing to develop apps first for the Apple mobile operating system because of its sizable user base & its lucrative nature. However, things turn out to be changeable since then. Android makes sure to dominate when it occurs out to total market share within the mobile operating system space. Just because of Apple’s restrictions upon app publishing, it may be a better idea to go with an Android first app development strategy.

If you are looking out for developing a mobile app however are confused since to which platform to develop it first, then this infographic through Rootstrap occurs out to be perfect for you. It ensures to outline multiple objective reasons as to why developing up an app first for the Android OS holds a lot of benefits towards a successful app launch. Android lead not only turns up to a significant margin through the market share but also Google holds fewer restrictions when it comes to publishing apps to its play store.

Android app Development

Due to specific facts like these, developers have an easier time to publish apps to the Play Store than to the Apple App Store. Just because of this ease, they are reliable to gather vital information such as user response & usage patterns, as well as identify any weaknesses fairly early on in the release. This information is helpful to make the app effectively better. This information effectively helps to make the app better. Both Android, as well as iOS operating systems, are fiercely competitive, & for some time the former has been catching up in the terms of features & functionality. Basically, designing up an app for Android can be beneficial since there are more operating system features to take the benefit of.

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