Different Options for Making a Website Mobile Friendly

The rising use of mobile phones is compelling businesses to look into their options for making their websites mobile-friendly. It is likely that your website was also developed a few years back when compatibility with mobile devices was not taken into consideration. Thus you will have to utilize mobile website design services so that you can also benefit from this growing and rather untouched market segment.  

Different Options for Making a Website Mobile Friendly 1

Mobile Friendly Web Design

A custom website design company can provide you different options to choose from to make the site mobile friendly and depending upon your requirements you will have to select one of the options.

Option 1: One option is making the site compatible with some particular mobile devices.  This is useful in case you are targeting users of any particular device, as for example, if most of your customers make use of iPhone then you would like to make the site compatible with iPhones only.

Option 2: The other option involves making the site compatible with all mobile, desktop and tablet devices using what is known as responsive web design. A responsive design makes it possible for the site to be viewed properly in any type of device irrespective of the screen resolution device has.

If we compare the two options then it is more advisable to go for responsive web design since it lets you make the site compatible with any type of device and can be helpful for you in expanding your business.

Advantages of Responsive Design

Let us briefly look at some of the advantages of using responsive web design.

  1. Designs are created focusing on 4 corners of any screen and according to some specific screen resolution. This makes the site future proof and enables it to be viewed in any type of screen dimension.
  2. Responsive websites are created keeping performance in mind since mobile devices have difficulty in using large website assets.

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