Web Developers or Web Designers: What is the Difference

Not many people know that there is a vast difference between a web designer and a web developer, while one needs to know computer languages, the other needs to be aware of the aesthetic side of the website.  In other words one creates a design to display, clearly incorporating all aspects of the client’s requirements; the other uses programs to create the final product we see daily on our computer screens.  Without a web developer, the hard work done by a web designer remains on paper.

If your area of expertise is computer languages then you will be very happy as a web developer, because computer languages are tools of a web developer.  To make a website come alive and run on the internet a web developer uses a number of computer languages, such as HTML, Javascript, PHP, and many others.  The hard work put by the web developers will see your website move effortlessly with the touch of a button.

Web Developers or Web Designers

The web developers work on web design, which is the result of the hard work of a team of web designers and puts life on the website and makes it dynamic.  A website finished by website developers take a life of its own, it links with other pages, other websites works when buttons are pressed and generally becomes an active piece of work.

In the process of web development or Website Development Company in Delhi, the programmers use several computer programming languages, such as HTML or PHP to develop a website that is spread over many pages and is linked to other websites as well.  More advanced languages are CMS (‘Computer Management System’) or ‘Joomla’ and ‘WordPress’ are also used. It is likely that in a small enterprise one person handles both web designing and web development processes; however, in well organized big companies, which that specialize in creating websites, there are different teams that work separately on web designing or Web Design companies in Delhi and web development work.