Role of Web Development in Improving Conversions and Sales

For any e-commerce website, it is important to follow some of the basic web development tips so that conversions and sales can be improved on the site. In the next few sections let us look at what these are.

Role of Web Development in Improving Conversions and Sales

E-commerce Website Development Tips

We will look at:

  1. The shopping cart
  2. Cart button optimization
  3. Product page organization

Shopping Cart

Most of the providers of website development services India will consent to the fact that the shopping cart should be clearly visible on the site. After a customer adds a product in it, it should be clear to the user that the product is saved and it can be purchased at any time.

This helps in an easy transition of users from the shopping phase to check out. A web designing company in Delhi also ensures that the icon for the shopping cart is also of contrasting color so that it is visible on the site.

Cart Button Optimization

Experienced designers know the way customers generally react to call to action buttons and the buttons that work. As for example, it is much better to have buttons with CTA messages like “buy now” instead of something irrelevant like “more details”.

Apart from text color of buttons is also important and it has been analyzed that blue and green are a gentle color which can induce users into follow up while buttons having orange or red color can actually have a negative impact on the performance of your CTA buttons.

Product Page Organization

Your visitors will be more interested in reading about any particular product or buying it if the page is organized in the right manner. Ideally, the first element visible on any page should be the product image followed by its description and priced, followed by a list of features the product has.

Some of the other elements like reviews or the list of similar products should be placed right at the bottom.

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