A Look into Useful Features of E-commerce Stores

If you are looking to sell your products online then it would be necessary to set up an eCommerce store. Any reputed Web Application Development Company provides such eCommerce app development services which you can make use to build your online identity. An e-commerce website should have several features if it wants to sell products online.  Let us look at what those features are.


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Features of Ecommerce Store

Automated Emails

This feature automatically sends email notification in case an order gets confirmed as well as when any order is canceled or dispatched.

Social Integration

Social integration would let your customers share the products they like directly on social platforms such as Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Product Filters

This type of functionality assists your customers to easily find the products they are searching for. It also becomes possible to segregate products on the basis of category, price, discounts, and several other criteria.

Dynamic List

eCommerce stores allow you to dynamically create a brand list by just specifying the brand name at the time of a product is added. This way visitors coming to your site will be able to find products for that brand quite easily.

Bulk Imports

It is easy to easily download a list of all products available in your store in excel format, make required changes, and import it back into your store. This way any new product can also be added and the existing products edited.

Coupon Engine

If you are planning to start a promotional campaign and offer coupons to customers then the eCommerce platform provides you the functionality to make discount coupons from within the dashboard. You can also set restrictions based on the amount of purchase, category of products, or any particular customer group.

Pin Code Check

Using this feature customers coming to your e-commerce store will be able to check whether delivery is possible where you stay by entering their pin code. Such a facility can significantly reduce cart abandonment as well as canceled orders.

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