Why Duplicate Content Considered Harmful for SEO? – SEO services in Delhi

It is quite certain that you will not spend hundreds of dollars to create good informative content for your website and then see that the same content is available on some other site and that site is becoming popular instead of yours. This is the problem you are going to face if someone copies content from your site onto his. The same applies the other way round and infringes on copyrights of another site.

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Search Engines Hate Duplicate Content

Apart from copyright issues, search engines also hate duplicate content and will severely penalize your website if they find out that you are just copying content from other sites and putting into yours. Such a penalty could easily wipe out your presence from search engines and have a significant effect on the traffic your site receives as well as on the sales occurring from your website.

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It can happen that you are utilizing the services of outsourcing content writer and not writing the content yourself.  In such a case, you need to be a lot more vigilant to make sure that writers are not just copying content from the web and sending it to you resulting in plenty of duplicate content on the site.

How to Safeguard Yourself?

So what you can do to save yourself? According to providers of SEO services in Delhi, there are options available such as online duplicate content checking tools which will tell you where the same content is present on the web totally the same as yours. You will have to only enter the URL of the page for which you want to check the content and it will show you the details within a few seconds.

Any SEO and web design company in Delhi will suggest that in case you do not find any duplicates then it would very good otherwise you will have act fast and get such duplicate content off your site as quickly as possible before the search engines index any such page and know that you are posting duplicate content on your site. You also need to hand over the matter to duplicate content to your lawyers to make sure the writers providing such duplicate content are properly dealt with.