Build an Amazing Uber App for Trucking!!

Uber holds a huge success. Multiple people perceive it as a landmark transformation in the taxi business vertical. However, there occurs much more to it. Uber’s success came out to be a testimony to the fact that the on-demand business model is the future of the economy. The success that Uber acquired gave entrepreneurs the confidence to make the investment heavily in the on-demand business models to disrupt several industry verticals. Uber for Trucks is just a surpass of the truck transportation business. So, here, you will get to know in-depth about all the aspects that are necessarily required for developing your own truck app.

Uber trucking app


uShip is one of the popular online freight marketplaces for the drivers as well as shippers who facilitate all types of shipments. If the user wishes to get an item shipped then it has to get posted on the uShip app. The transportation service providers then make sure to place their bids so as to haul those shipments. uShip aims to work with all the kinds of carriers, irrespective of their specialization, and also cooperates with both solo trucks along with large companies. uShip comes up with several strategies like real-time notifications and tracking, price estimates, in-built payment system, and multiple things moving on further.


Cargomatic is a California-based organization that holds connections with the shippers with truck drivers. It permits planning of delivery with competitive prices that are dependent upon several factors like size, weight, and distance of Cargo. Users may select the drivers based upon their reputation, financial security, driver’s rating, and equipment, etc.

Cargomatic consists of two apps:

  • Driver App
  • Shipper App

The Cargomatic financial security enables the drivers to apply for the jobs, check supply availability, look through the road, and send the documents through emails. Similarly, the shipper app permits the shippers to view the shipment history, call the drivers via an app, and give the ratings to the drivers.


Convoy is a settle based online marketplace for both the drivers along with the shippers. The mobile application holds the availability of the drivers specifically. Convoy aims to collaborate only with those tracking companies that have a DOT number & insurance along with motor carrier authority. Convoy offers drivers multiple opportunities like the suggestions to make the detention of the pay requests that keep the trucks full & many more. Moving on further, the solution represents accurate pick-up and drop-off time that eliminates the requirement to wait for hours near the warehouse.

Uber for the trucking app

How you can develop a creative Uber-like app for trucking?

If you are seeking out for creating an Uber trucking app, then it is imperative to hire up a reputed mobile app development company. You require cooperating and working closely with the professionals so as to get a robust Uber freight application. Moving on further, there are multiple other things that you require to consider for building your own freight application that we are going to discuss below:-

Make the decision of the type of application you desire to develop

For this, there occur two main scenarios:

If You are the owner of a logistics business and have your own fleet of trucks. Now, you want to streamline operations and scale your business with the help of a solution. You require to build a marketplace that holds the connection of the shippers with the carriers. Uber freight is similarly like an uber for trucks- a marketplace that is effectively helpful for the shippers to easily get in contact with the carriers in the nearby areas.

Make sure you find a reputable mobile development company for your app

This is a crucial step since it largely determines whether your business would turn out to be a success or not. It is just because if an organization that holds high goodwill may develop a superior app that would easily be navigable, fully-featured, & user-friendly. That’s why it is necessary to conduct deep research for hiring any company. You must view the company’s previous client testimonials and other portfolios so as to get an assessment of their capability.

Idea Validation

Once you lie upon the decision of hiring up a proficient mobile app development company that occurs out to be suitable for your business. The next step occurs out to validate your business idea. So, for this, you need to conduct deep market research so as to see if your application may sustain in the market for a long duration. Along with this, you may see if you can deliver better results with the help of small tweaks in the app. This step is critical since it ensures that all of your investments and efforts won’t go in vain.

Make the decision over features that you want to incorporate into an MVP

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a compression version of the application that holds just enough features. You may incorporate the must-have features in the MVP. After that, you can easily launch up the MVP so as to obtain both negative as well as positive feedback. This feedback is effectively helpful in making crucial changes that would give shape to the final product.

How you can monetize your Uber Truck App?

There are multiple ways to monetize your Uber trucking app. The most common as well as widely used is of the targeted advertisements. However, you need to advertise banners over the application that might annoy your customers since it may hinder up the user experience. One common, as well as an effective way of monetizing your app, is through charging a commission for the money transfers. To implement this, you need to incorporate a payment gateway in your application for the flexible mode of payments. If you wish to stay ahead within the competition, you require to regularly study your competitor’s commissions. For example, Cargomatic charges turn up to be around 20%. Similarly, Uber freight commission charges are based upon the distance. One simple way that you can achieve is through integrating existing solutions that possess high reliability. You may consider the payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe, and Merchant Accounts. InstaaCoders Technologies offers features like 24*7 chat support, multiple language support, push notifications, and many more.

How much is the cost of developing an Uber for Trucks application?

  • Complexity of app
  • No of platforms
  • No of hours
  • Hourly rates
  • No of people
  • Technology Stack

The average rates may start from %50 and more is estimated.


An Uber for the trucking app is effectively helpful for the transformation of your trucking business. You may easily manage up your fleet, carriers, and shippers effortlessly through eliminating all the hassles. Similarly, you may begin to start a marketplace while helping carriers to connect with the shippers. There occur multiple things that you require to consider while developing up an uber for the truck app. So, make sure you develop a unique uber app for trucks so as to run your business internationally.